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Lowered Expectations

Higher Aspirations

November 28th, 2009

I love crossovers! @ 02:27 am

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Hehe. I just saw "Lupin III vs. Detective Conan" - it was very funny. My copy of it had a terrible habit of skipping the audio but, seeing as I doubt it'll be available in the US on DVD anytime soon, I could deal with it. And, of course, it was subtitled ;) Just as well; it was funny enough without the unintentional hilarity of the dub trying to pretend that Conan takes place somewhere that's definitely not Japan :D

It was interesting how they mixed the two art styles together - choosing to simply have some people in the Conan style and other people in the Lupin style. I think it worked well enough, even though it was occasionally distracting, ie, let's play the "spot how many people have jug-ears" game. Fujiko was really cute.

I'm not used the Japanese voices for Lupin so I thought that Goemon's voice sounded awfully gruff.

The character interactions between the Lupin characters and Conan were sooooo cute and funny. I think they might have softened up Lupin a little bit but not as much as in the Count of Whatsis movie: he's still a pig. And Fujiko is still a double-crosser. And Jigen was ... well, he was Jigen. Goemon didn't have much of a part but he's important when he appears.

I really liked how neither side was shown as being somehow "better" than the other - Conan is smart and so is Lupin. I think crossovers tend to suffer when characters from one universe are, through accident or design, outmatched by the characters from the other. It's much more interesting to have a level playing field. And, I imagine, much more fair to the fans or both shows.

There was also some drama with Detective Mouri having to do with his daughter that I thought was quite good and well done. Mouri is an obnoxious drunk at times but he really cares for his family. :)

The plot ... well, I knew who the princess would look like before they actually showed her face. And I knew who the killer was. On the other hand, I was mistaken about one of the character's intentions. And I hadn't realized the trick until Conan exposed it. So, yeah. I think this was more of an excuse for the cute character stuff mentioned before.

I'll be watching this again sometime along, I'm sure. I only regret that it takes up 1.6 gigs of space -_-

I also saw "Turtles Forever". It was pretty funny. I don't know when this will be on DVD and I don't have 4kids so I acquired it through ... other means. No sound or video problems with this one for the most part. And only 699mb! :D

I think the art was good - the 1980s turtles looked like they did in that show and that style of animation meshed just fine with the 2003 stuff. And the Mirage comic type turtles were also impressively done. I'd considered putting that under spoiler tags but that much was shown in the trailer ;)

The voices ... well, I'm interested to know why exactly they'd decided to give 1980s Leonardo a weird lounge singer voice. The other ones didn't bother me too much ... although, 1980s Michelangelo's voice was a little grating at times. I understand that the original voices couldn't reprise because of some union thing. Oh well. The rest seemed fine. And 1980s Splinter and 1980s Donatello really nailed it.

I'll echo a complaint I've already heard in regards to characterization of the 1980s turtles: they made them too silly. I know, I know: the original show *was* silly. At times - watching it today - it's ridiculously so. Still, I think the 1980s turtles would understand that making jokes to a group of people who have seen someone they have called "father" being captured by the enemy is not a very good thing to do. Also, Leonardo is supposed to be a stick in the mud from time to time - there's no evidence of that here. I also think that the 1980s turtles aren't as cowardly as they were depicted ... or as stupid. Paraphrase: "The trash cans! They do nothing!"

Meh. But, rant over. There were a lot of funny bits too. Every time 1980s Raphael broke the fourth wall and the 2003 characters stopped what they were doing to see who he's talking to - funny. Actually, a lot of the humor dealt with the interactions between the two groups. And, yes, even some of the stuff I ranted about was funny - they were just cheap shots ;) Still, funny stuff.

The plot was actually fairly clever. While there's really no way I could have seen it coming, the way it all unfolded made sense. Maybe I would have saw it coming if I were more familiar with the 2003 show .... I don't know. All that matters is that it's made me want to exclaim "Turtle Prime!" in a very dramatic voice at random times. ;)

The only thing I missed (prior rant excluded) was that the two main Splinters never meet. That would have been awesome.

I'll be watching this one again too.
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Lowered Expectations

Higher Aspirations