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Lowered Expectations

Higher Aspirations

November 8th, 2009

Because I'm a Geek ... @ 08:46 pm

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It took me a total of 70 hours (since I started the game over back at the 34 hour mark the first time through because I realized a better strategy that required a restart) but I've finally done it: I've beaten Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. I didn't quite find all the beans but I got Mario, Luigi, and Bowser up to level 40 (which means nothing if you haven't played the game). So, go me! :)

On the whole, I liked the game but I really wish that I had been able to skip some of the cut scenes :D Everyone loves to talk in this game and there's only so quickly you can skip through it - I noticed this more on the second play through. The first time through, it wasn't so bad. Also, once I figured out what I'd been doing wrong, beating the final Boss wasn't too hard. Of course, it took about an hour of play on the final boss to figure out what I needed to do (which is what required the restart). -_- Yes, I *can* be a little slow at times. But I won in the end so there!

Unfortunately, now this means I need to buy another $30 DS game ... Still, I feel accomplished ;)

What next?
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Lowered Expectations

Higher Aspirations