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Lowered Expectations

Higher Aspirations

12 June 1984
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Hi, my name is Holli and I guess I'll tell you a little about myself. I'm currently working at a middle school as a one on one aid in hopes of making enough money to pay off my credit card bills. I'd like to go to Europe someday to meet the friends I've made there, see the sights, and possibly be sold into white slavery.

I'm very much into fan fiction (yes, I am a geek, thank you!) and I both read and write it. You can find some of my fiction at my website as well as on fanfiction.net (my username is Holli - I'm soo imaginative).

Let's see, what else . . . I love to read books about Time Travel (capitalized and everything) as well as books on medicine (fictionalized or non). Fantasy is all right as long as it is not 'epic' - I much prefer the lighter touch of the Xanath series as opposed to the Sword of Sharnna. Very big fan of funny books, such as those by Dave Barry and Terry Pratchett. Robert Asprin's Myth series is a favorite of mine (although, the last books were a bit of a disappointment after waiting for them for so long!) I've tried reading the 'classics,' but I could not get into them . . . Just because something is written before your grandmother was born does not make it any good!

I'm an amateur guitar player and, if I may say so myself, a very good singer. I especially enjoy playing/singing Phil Ochs, the Monkees and other oldies fare. Let's face it, an acoustic guitar is not the best instrument to play the latest pop song :) I dislike techno and rap for the main simple reason that I can't sing to it.

I watch more TV than is strictly good for me. I enjoy all those campy, old sitcoms (like Green Acres and the Addam's Family) as well as Forensic Shows - even though they tend to use horrible puns like: " . . . but would the blood stained rope be enough to hang the killer?" I also like watching the surgery shows on TLC and Discovery. I am a big fan of animation. I love cartoons - but we'd be here all day if I started getting into that ;) History Documentaries are okay, but my mom watches them all the time, so my interest in them has waned a bit.

. . . Well, if there is anyone still here, I apologize for rambling. And the spelling - I know my strengths and spelling ain't one of them:) I'll leave you now with a quote from the ever influential and ever popular Homer Simpson, who once said with incredible insight into the human condition: "D'oh!"

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